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The Voice of the Customer experience – designing ACC services with our clients

For most people an injury claim is a fleeting experience, but for others it can be complex. While safety and injury prevention are at the heart of ACC’s messaging, when injuries do happen we want to listen to the voices of those who rely on our services.





Our services are here for all New Zealanders as well as visitors to the country, and we design them with our clients – the people who need them most and use them every day.

It’s about taking into account the entire customer journey to make sure our services are the best they can be.

After all, the last thing New Zealanders need is injury preventing them doing the things they love.

Getting information back on the big issues that prevent people having a good experience with ACC is a critical part of ensuring that we continue to help people return to work or independence as quickly and safely as possible after injury.

ACC’s continuing move to bring our clients into service design has been stepped up with a new Voice of the Customer programme.

The Voice of the Customer programme has been created to help ACC lift its game in improving the quantity, quality and accuracy of the feedback we receive.

The programme draws on the expertise of representatives from across the health sector, as well as injured clients who work alongside ACC to improve this service. They then start work on those big issues; the things that get in the way of clients receiving the best possible assistance.

The Consumer Outlook Group (COG), which shapes ACC’s service design by representing the views of clients, sits within the four Voice of the Customer groups.

COG also operates as an entity in itself and carries out consumer research, including canvassing the views of the people it represents through focus groups and using its member networks.

Along with COG, three other groups work with us to improve service design and delivery by helping ACC to better understand client issues and offering recommendations on how to fix them. The Older Persons Advisory Group helps ACC to better understand the issues our older clients face today, while the Serious Injury Advisory Group finds out what we need to do to help our clients live barrier-free every day. The final group, the Advocates and Representatives Group, provides a useful way for professional advocates and representatives of ACC’s clients to contribute to the development of policy and strategy.

The Voice of the Customer programme will bolster the communication channels between those groups and ACC.

As part of our programme rollout, we are moving to electronic channels to get rid of paper trails and clutter.

It is a component of our commitment to help COG spread the word more freely and ensure that the right information is also coming back.

By improving the cyber experience ACC and COG can make sure that the voices of ACC clients are heard clearly, on issues that are bugging people and how we can do better.

As part of the programme, our electronic surveys will be fed straight back to ACC, where the information will be pulled together and shared with you.

There is the opportunity to provide real examples of where the issues have affected client outcomes. Having the right information from the right people will help ACC to achieve its vision of bringing customer insights into everyday decisions.


February 2014 Newsletter

Published 25/02/2014

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