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Self-management design going strong

ACC’s innovative Self-management pilot to give seriously injured clients more decision-making power and greater independence has reached an important milestone.





Since its launch in August last year, the pilot has quickly grown from a small group of clients in the Wellington region, with 33 now taking part throughout the North Island.

Most of those piloting Self-management have spinal injuries; they have all been ACC clients for more than five years and have ‘stable needs’. That means they’re able to predict what day-to-day supports they’ll need in the next 12 months.

The Self-management pilot sees clients set up dedicated bank accounts, which they use to buy their own supports and services – things like prescriptions and general medical and equipment consumables. They make their own decisions about the services and supports they need.

Right from the beginning ACC’s Self-management project team has been working really closely in partnership with our clients to make sure the service we’re piloting is hitting the mark in meeting their needs. We haven’t just left our clients to manage completely alone. We’ve talked continually to find out how it’s going and whether we need to make changes.

We’ve also been researching to gain insights from the pilot group. The feedback has helped us to reshape some aspects of the pilot. We‘ve made some small changes and modified the process, and the consensus of our Self-management clients is that it’s working well for them so far.

Self-management will be rolled out branch by branch throughout the rest of the year.


June 2014 Newsletter

Published 06/06/2014

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