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Online resource for serious injury clients launched

Serious injury clients benefit from newly-launched online resource.





In early August, we launched an online resource for clients with a disability from a serious injury. It’s hosted on our website – check it out at

The site features answers to common questions, information about help available from ACC and links to other support groups in the disability sector, plus video clips of others who’ve adjusted to life with a disability.


We’ve created these resources with the help of people affected by disability. We talked to serious injury clients about their web surfing experiences and they told us about the frustrations they face trying to navigate different websites on the Internet. Some are unable to use a mouse and find many websites almost impossible to navigate using only a keyboard. The same goes for people with visual impairments using a screen reader and software like JAWS. People with traumatic brain injuries find the animated graphics and revolving banners on websites distracting and exhausting. Their experiences gave us plenty of clues about how to make our site user-friendly for people with disabilities.

Clients’ touch-points with ACC determined how we organised information on the site. For a person with a serious injury, often the first contact with ACC is through a parent or partner, so the site has a special section for parents and partners. There’s a section on common questions that people ask during their rehabilitation – like “when can I go home?” Back at home, adjusting to life with a disability can be daunting. Other people who’ve been down the same path are a powerful source of assurance and advice, so there’s a section featuring short clips of serious injury clients sharing their personal experiences.

“The site exceeds the current Government accessibility standards. It’s screen-reader friendly for the visually impaired and all the video clips have captions and transcripts for the hearing impaired. And there’s an innovative scrolling assistant above the topic links for people who have difficulty driving a mouse,” says Raymond Burr, Communications Programme Manager.


Information on the site will be of interest to anyone affected by a serious injury after an accident. In addition to advice on the support available from ACC, there are links to other useful resources available in New Zealand and from overseas.


September 2013 Newsletter

Published 30/09/2013

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