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Electronic certification ramps up

90% of GP practices now able to submit eACC18 certification forms electronically.





Over the past months, we’ve been flat out encouraging the country’s General Practitioners (GPs) to make use of the electronic sphere for certifying their patients’ fitness for work.

Progress has been sound. Already, around 90% of GP practices can submit eACC18 certification forms through their Patient Management Systems.

The eACC18 is the electronic version of our ACC18 form – the Medical Certificate for Incapacity. GPs use this to describe how a person’s injury affects their capacity for work.

Completing the electronic ACC18 from within a Patient Management System only takes a couple of minutes. And, for GPs using the form, there are many benefits over using the paper-based form.

If you’re a GP or work in a GP practice, we strongly encourage you to consider using the eACC18 form.

For practices, embracing the eACC18 is another step towards working online, and the process efficiency benefits that brings. Practice administrators, for instance, won’t need to post or email us forms, or to query practitioners to interpret information. The eACC18 does all that!

For patients, the eACC18 means faster and better support. We can respond more quickly and arrange the most appropriate support, as the electronic version of the form is more detailed and is received earlier.

For GPs and nurse practitioners, the eACC18 form can be used to request stay-at-work or return-to-work assistance for a patient. A request for a Clinical Review can also be made. This isn’t possible on the paper-based form.

If you’ve got any questions about getting your practice set up and using the eACC18 form, check out our self service page.


September 2013 Newsletter

Published 30/09/2013

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