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Elective Services Review ramps up

A series of stakeholder working groups with the health sector kicked off this month to look at the way that Elective Services are delivered.





The working groups are part of the Elective Services Review, which aims to ensure that patients receive the right treatment, when they need it, for the best possible result, in a cost-effective and efficient way.

The groups were established following a health sector stakeholder meeting in November last year.

Representatives from a variety of organisations and institutions involved in Elective Services were invited to discuss the current Elective Services and possibilities for the future of these services.

In response to key themes identified at the November meeting, ACC established four working groups to provide an opportunity for more detailed discussions about funding, patient outcomes, support services and delivery and the implementation of Elective Services.

While there have been a number of reviews of Elective Services in the past, this review is different as it is considering the whole treatment pathway for patients, from the time they injure themselves to the time they are well again.

Each of the working groups is being led by external stakeholders from the health sector and is supported by ACC staff. The groups are tasked with reviewing evidence, raising issues and concerns with current and proposed services, discussing options and developing a set of agreed recommendations. These will then be used to inform the final Elective Services Review document.

This document is expected to go to the ACC board in July, followed by a road show in August. Because we have been working closely with the sector throughout the development of the new model, it is hoped that what is proposed will resolve many of the current issues experienced by patients and providers alike.

If you have any queries about the Elective Services Review or would like more information or to contribute in some way, please email or contact ACC Review Manager Jane Kelley on 04 816 6224 or 027 497 4600.


February 2014 Newsletter

Published 25/02/2014

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