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e-Lodgement project hits its straps

e-lodgement project makes it easier for providers to lodge claims online.





Over the past several months we’ve made great strides in our e-Lodgement project – bringing claims lodgement more fully into the digital realm. Each year, we receive around 1.8 million claims. That’s a lot of claims! And it’s through this project that we’re making it easier for providers to lodge claims electronically.

There are two main facets to our e-Lodgement project. Working alongside our technical partner HealthLink, we’re developing a new web-based claim form that will interact with the six main Patient Management Systems (PMS). And, for those without a PMS, we’ve built a brand new e-Lodgement website that features the same form.

New form a timesaver for providers

You and your staff will save time because the new web-based form – called eACC45 – has been designed to be quick and easy to complete. It will pre-populate with patient information and write details back to your PMS when you submit it.

The form also speeds things up by making clinical and diagnosis codes easier to find. A new predictive search function pre-populates information as you type. All codes provided through the search function are acceptable to our systems.

You won’t have to send claims as a separate task, as it’s all done when you click ‘send’. The form is sent to us in real-time!

Pilot proves promising

My Practice is the first PMS to integrate with the new form. Thanks to the terrific help of six GP practices, we were able to pilot the new form and resolve some teething issues. We’ve now started rolling out the new e-form to all of the country’s My Practice sites. That’ll be done by the end of November.

For providers using different varieties of PMS, stay tuned! We’re in discussions with other PMS vendors including Medtech, Houston, IntraHealth, GenSolve and Peak.

We’re excited about the time-saving benefits you’ll get from the new form.; and we’re committed to continuing to develop it to make it easier for you to lodge claims and reduce requests from us for additional information.

For more information about e-Lodgement, our e-Business team is happy to help: or 0800 222 994 – press option 1.


September 2013 Newsletter

Published 30/09/2013

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