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Client experience sits front and centre of CSO project

One example of how we’re improving the way we service our clients is through our Client Service Optimisation (CSO) project.





The project is all about improving the experience that clients have of us and their rehabilitation outcomes following injury. Initially we’re focusing on ensuring that clients who need weekly compensation are identified early and get financial assistance as soon as possible.

In a nutshell, the CSO project is about enabling clients to access the support they need more quickly. We’re going to do this by putting in place a number of new Service Needs Assessment teams to manage clients’ initial needs assessments and allocate new weekly compensation claims into our branch network.

These new teams will identify the clients most likely to need ACC’s support based on initial claim data. The teams will undertake proactive service needs assessments with clients (via telephone) to better understand their needs – this means the clients’ claims can be more quickly allocated to the correct levels of case management.

We expect that, by applying a more proactive approach, we’ll be able to deliver better service, in some cases before clients realise they have a need. The upshot is that support and rehabilitation should be in place sooner.

Non-acute rehabilitation benefits from CSO approach

Since September we’ve also been testing the benefits of the CSO approach by applying it to non-acute rehabilitation services with clients in the Christchurch and Nelson-Marlborough regions.

Here we’re improving how we deliver services to our older clients by working together with their families, friends and treatment providers to help them return to independence in the home and community.

And it’s working well, with: signs of improved client, provider and staff satisfaction; signs of improved trust and confidence; evidence of staff purchasing services based on client and family needs; and reduced lengths of client inpatient hospital stays.

The feedback we’ve had so far has been tremendous. Check out a summary of how clients have responded below:

The case owner really understood my needs, which was important to me.
I felt involved.
This was the best service I have had from ACC.
The service I received was excellent and included my GP.
The case owner involved me and really understood my and my husband’s situation.
Supports were arranged very quickly.
The support provided to our family member has been amazing in building confidence.


December 2013 Newsletter

Published 09/12/2013

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