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Client and provider perspectives inform a more integrated sensitive claims service

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It’s a topic that’s not always spoken about due to its personal nature, so many people may not know that ACC provides support for thousands of people who experience sexual assaults and abuse every year. These people are looked after by a specialised team within ACC that receives an average of 125 requests for assistance each week.

Sexual abuse and assault have profound effects on individuals and can result in both physical and mental injuries. Our team of dedicated staff is trained to work with people, including children and young people, at what is a very traumatic and difficult time.

Improving the sensitive claims service

To ensure that those seeking our help have the best possible chances of recovery, a smooth and easy-to-navigate, seamless service is critical. The service they receive must also be supportive and safe.

We’ve been working with people who’ve experienced sexual abuse and assault as well as service providers to help design a new sensitive claims service focused on getting clients the help they need in a more holistic way. The new service will be available from late 2014.

New services are being introduced, such as:

  • an initial ‘meet and greet’ concept, where clients will be able to spend time with their potential therapists, establish a sense of safety and decide whether they’ll be able to connect in a way that works for them
  • family and whanau support – family and whanau will be able to receive direct support so they learn skills and gain knowledge to help their family members towards recovery
  • early needs planning – clients will have the opportunity to share and establish their needs with therapists and decide together what the next best steps will be. For example, they may decide to progress to a supported assessment for ongoing cover from ACC, or seek immediate support and self-management.

We’re also developing ways to make it easier for professionals working with people who’ve experienced sexual abuse and assault to interact with ACC. We’re reducing paperwork, looking at faster, easier online solutions, and introducing more public information about ACC’s sensitive claims service.

Changes for providers

As part of the service redesign we’re introducing a new integrated contract for the sensitive claims service. This will affect all current and potential providers, including counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. To find out more, visit the ACC website.


December 2013 Newsletter

Published 09/12/2013

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