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Changes to hearing loss regulations mean more benefits for more people

From 1 July 2014 a number of changes will be made to the way ACC manages hearing loss regulations.





The new regulations are the result of a close collaboration and public consultation with New Zealand’s hearing loss sector and community groups.

There’ll be more benefits to more people with hearing loss, from device purchase and fitting through to repairs.

Changes include:

Increased ACC payments for hearing aids
The current 10-band pricing model for hearing aid subsidies will move to a simpler three-band model – with ACC increasing its contribution.

A new flat fitting fee
A new flat fitting fee is being introduced to help reduce clients’ overall costs. A fitting consultation allowance is also being introduced.

New funding for ear moulds
New contributions are being introduced for ear moulds – devices worn inserted into the ear for sound conduction/ear protection.

Introduction of multiple repairs
Clients will be able to take advantage of multiple repairs for their hearing devices.

Better access to services for children

A new ACC policy has been developed to meet the unique hearing loss needs of children under 18.

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June 2014 Newsletter

Published 06/06/2014

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