Leptospirosis in New Zealand – ACC Review





Recent publications in the New Zealand Medical Journal highlighted that leptospirosis remains an important zoonotic disease, and its occurrence is significantly under-reported1.

ACC has published an updated overview of best clinical practice which can be found here:

The ACC Review was developed in collaboration with the infectious diseases specialist, Wellington Regional Public Health, WorkSafe New Zealand and a group of subject matter experts that included GPs and occupational medicine specialists. Although the article is aimed primarily at rural GPs, it can be used by all health practitioners to gain a better understanding of leptospirosis and its management.

1 Mansell C, Benschop J. Leptospirosis is an important multi-species zoonotic disease in New Zealand 2014; 127(1388):5-8.


June 2014 Newsletter

Published 06/06/2014

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