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A new approach to managing and delivering clinical services

It’s important to ACC that our staff and the health practitioners with whom we work have the best clinical support they need to be able to provide the right advice to our clients. As part of that drive, the Clinical Services Directorate team (CSD) has been making some changes, and from 1 July a new structure will officially come into play.





The team’s being led by newly appointed Peter Robinson, and has set a new strategic direction based on visible clinical leadership, enhanced clinical knowledge management and strengthened accountability for clinical performance.

We’re placing client experience and outcomes at the centre of what we do, while providing a mechanism for sharing lessons learned and best practice. What that boils down to is health practitioners supporting each other.

We have health practitioners coming on board to join the existing team. They’ll be providing a wide range of expertise, from allied health, dental and pharmacy to mental health, rehabilitation and surgery.

It’s all about quality

Underpinning the new structure are mechanisms to ensure quality every step of the way.

A range of reference and review tactics will be used to monitor and improve communication, consistency and the use of clinical knowledge.

We want health practitioners to feel supported in what they do.

We can’t do it alone

How we engage with health practitioners around the country is really important to us.

We’ll continue to build on our existing relationships and work at identifying and developing new links in the clinical community.

We want to really understand how we can better support practitioners with the issues we all face in the health sector in New Zealand. That means carrying on our work with health practitioners to bring evidence-based medicine to the fore and to capitalise on areas of common ground.

This will mean working with a wider range of health practitioners collaboratively on strategic thinking.

Meet the man leading the new focus for clinical services at ACC


June 2014 Newsletter

Published 06/06/2014

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