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Vitamin D – providing a strong D-fence against falls

District health boards, primary health organisations and ACC have been working to increase Vitamin D prescribing rates in an effort to reduce falls among older adults living in residential care.





18,000 fall each year

As many as 18,000 people in this group will fall each year. The financial cost is around 11 million dollars in ACC claims and the personal cost for these vulnerable people may be devastating.

Improved muscular strength

However, evidence shows that Vitamin D supplementation can significantly improve muscle strength and psychomotor function and reduce bone turnover (which results in osteoporosis) – in turn reducing the risk and likelihood of falls and injury.

70% Uptake

Currently, 67% of older adults living in residential care are prescribed vitamin D – up from 17% in 2007- and the D-fence programme aims to see 70% uptake by the end of June this year.

Prescribing rate

Click here to find out the prescribing rate in your area.

Published 01/10/2012

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