Injury Smart

Moving and handling people safely in a health care setting

In the health sector, one of the main contributors to ACC claims results from the moving and handling of people, and many carers suffer serious injuries over time in their various roles.





Presentations to numerous groups of health providers throughout New Zealand in 2013 indicated the need for a Post-Graduate International Certificate in the Moving and Handling of people in a variety of health care settings. ACC, the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and Loughborough University in the United Kingdom have initiated a programme that will begin in August 2014.

The course is largely extramural with short periods of on-site block courses. The course will cover Health Ergonomics, Organisational Ergonomics: Concepts of Moving and Handling and a negotiated research project related to moving and handling people in a particular health care situation.

Details are available from:


June 2014 Newsletter

Published 06/06/2014

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