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Saturday mornings prove especially risky, with many people injuring themselves on sports fields and steps. Read about our upcoming Safety Week campaign - it'll focus on sport and recreation; steps and stairs!





Did you know that 10am Saturday is a risky time in New Zealand? Between 10am and noon every Saturday there are on average 123 sporting injuries and 28 falls due to steps or stairs.

Each month, we receive 4,000 new claims for injuries that happen on steps and stairs – and most of these happen at home.

And as any health provider knows, as Saturday progresses sporting injuries continue to be a constant for the rest of the day. From noon to 2pm there are 136 injuries, with the same number again between 2pm and 4pm.

During our nationwide Safety Week (14-20 October), the focus will be on injuries related to sport and recreation; steps and stairs; and alcohol – drinking in moderation and host responsibility. All three are relevant to New Zealanders’ idea of what makes a great weekend.

Our personal sport and recreational ambitions are often greater than our abilities. We are not always as prepared for the activities as we should be, especially after a long, wet winter. Taking time to plan and prepare can make all the difference to our risk of injury.

On steps and stairs, very simple precautions will make any home or workplace safer. Most accidents happen when people are going down the stairs and typical scenarios include missing the last step due to poor lighting or carrying large packages, which makes it difficult to see if you are at the bottom.

The more alcohol people drink in one session, the more likely they are to hurt themselves or someone else. Kiwis are being encouraged to drink in moderation and to be responsible hosts.

Our Safety Week is now in its ninth year and the number of registered partners exceeds targets every year. One of the reasons more and more employers are coming on board is because we provide tools and resources for employers and community groups to use to promote the week’s safety messages.

It may interest readers to know that many health providers, DHBs, community organisations, and large and small employers are actively involved in promoting safety to their staff, who in turn take these messages home to their families and friends. So if you’d like to make a difference and help change New Zealand’s injury forecast, please register at and get access to fantastic resources and activities.


September 2013 Newsletter

Published 30/09/2013

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