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Meet one of the team supporting our providers and suppliers

Andre is a Supplier Manager in our Claims Management Health Procurement team. He manages relationships with our providers, and helps to make sure that our clients are receiving the best possible care. Here’s what’s in a day’s work for Andre.





Here’s Andre’s story, told in his own words.

I’m one of the guys who support and interact with suppliers – district health boards, medical centres, specialists, etc – to help them understand our processes and make sure things run smoothly. I’m also here to give them advice and support when they’re needed. I manage relationships really, so we’re all on the same page and together we can focus on the client’s health and wellbeing.

On the flip side, I also make sure that clients being helped by GPs, surgeons or occupational therapists are receiving the best care they can and that it doesn’t cost more than expected.

I spend most of my time out in the field, meeting with our suppliers, answering questions and running educational sessions on the services we provide. I’m proud of where I work and I like helping people to better understand all of what ACC does.

I cop a bit of light-hearted flack from mates about the odd newspaper headline for sure. Thankfully I’ve got a truckload of success stories under my belt that help to change their tunes pretty quickly. They see that I truly believe in what I do. I believe in helping injured New Zealanders to regain self-esteem, motivation, happiness and their place in society.

Andre is just one of the faces at ACC. His story is included in our document From Our People to You. To read more stories about the people who make up ACC, you can order a copy of From Our People to You by visiting the Publications section of the ACC website.

Published 19/12/2012

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