Meet one of the team… Jo-Ann supports children with the most serious of injuries

Jo-Ann is a Support Coordinator with our National Serious Injury Service team. She works with children who have sustained such severe injuries that the rest of their lives will be shaped by them. Find out what makes Jo-Ann enjoy her job so much.





Here is Jo-Ann’s story, told in her own words.

I work with children, newborns to 18-year-olds, who have sustained such severe injuries that the rest of their lives will be shaped by them.

My job is to help them make one little gain every day; one step towards doing the things they loved before – watching a movie, reading a book, riding a bike – tiny things that truly mean the world to these kids, and that motivate them to keep trying.

Families are usually surprised and relieved to hear the things I can help with. I support parents, siblings, teachers; anyone affected by the challenge; anyone we can get on-board and contributing to the journey. I arrange childcare for siblings, book flights to specialist hospitals, sort alternative education, modify homes, all kinds of things. Whatever it takes to ease the pressure and make the future less frightening.

Being part of each little success, each gain that these brave children make despite quite extreme mental and physical challenges, is my reward. And it’s what makes ACC such a great scheme for New Zealand. It’s a shame that many people I speak to have lost sight of that. ACC is just people like me, out there trying to make a small difference each day to the lives of Kiwi families who face challenges that are sometimes hard to imagine.

Jo-Ann is just one of the faces at ACC. Her story is included in our document From Our People to You. To read more stories about the people who make up ACC, you can order a copy of From Our People to You by visiting the Publications section of the ACC website.

Published 19/12/2012

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