ACC eBusiness for physiotherapists: what you need to know

ACC has more interactions with physiotherapists than any other provider group. Find out what we’re doing to help make these interactions as effective, timely and efficient as possible.





While most physiotherapists use Practice Management Systems (PMSs) to submit new injury claims (ACC45s) and invoices to ACC, there is still a large number of interactions that happen by paper, fax and email.

In the next few years, the plan is to move more interactions to eBusiness platforms. All you’ll need to interact with ACC in the future is a computer equipped with either a PMS or a ‘browser’ such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

While this process is taking place, we’ve been working on ways to make it easier for physiotherapists to interact with us in this way. These include:

  • New ACC45 claim form – we’re starting to roll out a new, better-designed claim form that works with your PMS (My Practice users will be the first). If you don’t have a PMS, a new stand-alone version will be available from late April 2013.
  • New ACC32 form – we’re currently piloting a new web-based form to enable more physiotherapists to access the electronic ACC32. We expect all ACC32 forms to be electronic in the next few years. As part of this process, we will also be expecting more widespread use of outcome measurement and reporting.
  • Electronic referrals – the health system, via district health boards (DHBs), is rolling out the use of electronic referral forms for provider-to-hospital referrals. It’s likely that ACC will adopt the same referral forms for use with ACC clients – most of whom are referred to private clinics rather than DHBs. As with other forms, there will be both PMS-integrated and stand-alone versions.
  • Requests and patient notes – we’ve implemented direct links to HealthLink so that patient notes and other reports sent by providers are automatically loaded into the correct claim records at ACC. Given the need for an increased focus on privacy of information, we are discouraging the use of paper and emailed records.
  • Guidelines and best practice – we think it makes sense to ‘deliver’ best practice clinical guidelines through the forms and other clinical events that you handle every day. So, just as some PMSs incorporate treatment profiles today, we expect that your system in future will deliver capabilities to both help with good practice and reduce the number of times you need to ask ACC for funding approval.
  • Online look-up of key claim information – we’re enhancing our secure online look-up system to let you check the cover status, diagnoses and number of treatments already provided for your patients.
  • National Health Index (NHI) number use – to help with access to NHI numbers, we’re looking into a combination of both online access to the Ministry of Health database and the background population of ACC forms from ACC records, assuming we’re able to get over the identity and security issues.

As the move towards eBusiness interactions goes forward, we’ll continue to keep you up to date on what’s happening.

In the meantime, if you’d like more information please contact team.

Published 19/12/2012

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